Book Trailer: The Physi-Tual genre entertainments of arts business preview

Book Review

1) This video is a three and a half minute journey into how the physical met the supernatural that simultaneously gave forth the Physi-Tual genre, thus spontaneously and subsequently creating beyond physical understandable entertainment, in movies, shows, books, art and so on to branch from their towards our great growing future. This genre came out from the book Part 1: Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical. Part 2: The spiritual capture THE WORLDS COMBINE, an information/story novel. This was to 1) show everyone this Physi-Tual content in clarity for realism in an ethical manner, and 2) to give great vivid entertainment past a physical enjoyment of limited thought in it. This unique book handed a discovery to so much more enjoyable entertainment soon to come out back to back, after the release of this book in July 2021 for everyone to truly see clarity in this deep complex genre. Enjoy simply a preview of this mystical genre and a small new business that wrapped its studies around simply one genre.


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