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Do you want to gain a higher understanding and awareness of life itself?  Are you ready to raise your consciousness to greater heights than ever before? If so, The Key can help unlock this for you. 

The Key offers a new philosophical life perspective that cleverly integrates science, spirituality, and the principles of the Ancient Chinese symbol—yin and yang.  Overall, this new philosophical life perspective can help you gain a higher understanding and awareness of life itself, and help you to unlock your highest self, highest potential and highest path in life. 

The author uses certain philosophical, psychological, astrological, and spiritual terms, as well as scientific concepts which provide a grounded approach to a highly conceptual and theoretical idea that can, ultimately, help you to create balance, harmony, and wholeness both within your everyday life and without in the world all around you.

After working in law for many years as a paralegal and later a trainee attorney at an IP firm
in London, I began to question if there was more to life than the life path I was on. My
dream had been to become a partner and have my own office someday but, by 2014,
something in me had changed and I began dreaming about travelling and exploring the
world. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was at the beginning stage of my Saturn Return.
Saturn Return is when the planet Saturn undergoes a complete cycle throughout all the 12
astrological zodiacs as well as the corresponding 12 astrological houses in the natal chart
and comes back to meet the natal Saturn. This complete cycle takes approximately 29 years, so Saturn Return happens to everyone in their late 20s or early 30s and is often met with drastic life changes. Some people may experience a break-up, a breakdown, get married, have a baby, change their careers, buy their first home, have a life-altering experience, or decide to travel the world.

The second Saturn Return happens to everyone again in their late 50s or early 60s. This
period can be a time when the well-known “midlife crises” occur. Again, people are often
met with drastic life changes, for example, a divorce, a second marriage, selling a business,
starting a new business, moving abroad, or awakening to a new spiritual path.

Saturn is known as the great teacher. Therefore, when Saturn returns, often some
important life lessons need to be learned to evolve into our highest self, reach our highest
potential and find our highest path in life. Throughout these life lessons, there is often
significant inner growth: mentally, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and/or physically. During my Saturn Return, as well as questioning my current path and having dreams of travelling the world, I began to have a strong interest in the spiritual aspects of life. I began to question who I was, why I am alive, why there is something rather than nothing, and what is the meaning of life. With this, I decided to leave my career in law and travel across India to figure out what I really wanted in life and to try to find answers to the deep questions I had about life itself.

I studied yoga, meditation, and pranayama in India, and spent many weeks in Satsang with
an eminent spiritual teacher.

I also embarked on a journey with a highly regarded mentor and therapist named Venus
Starly, who helped me to positively transform my life and my overall awareness in ways I
had never thought possible. Through working and training with Venus, and learning and
gaining much wisdom from her, I was able to integrate all that I had learned from her with
my own learning and experiences from India and use them to create the unique
philosophical life perspective contained in this book.

The philosophical life perspective and teachings contained herein can, overall, help us to
gain a higher perspective of life itself, and help us to unlock our highest self, highest
potential and highest path in life. It can also help to create healthy balance, harmony, and
wholeness both within our everyday lives and without in the world all around us.

In brief: in order to attain self-mastery via this overall philosophical life perspective, we
need to aim for 50/50 healthy and balanced yin and yang in every area of our lives. This
includes oneness and separation consciousness, the non-physical and the physical, and the
spiritual and the earthly aspects of life.

From here, we move into the higher level of separation consciousness. This means that we
become aware not only of external “oneness” life messages, but of guidance via separation
consciousness, both of which are there to help and guide us through our evolution in this
lifetime. Ultimately, we seek to create balance between all 12 areas of life and the 6 axes
contained within those areas in order to create balance in our everyday lives and in the
world all around us (as we will find out later in the book).

In order to understand the overall philosophical life perspective and the teachings contained herein, I will go through the specific steps of the teaching process. To do this, I need to use certain philosophical, psychological, astrological, and spiritual terms, as well as some scientific concepts. I attempt to explain these topics and terms as simply as possible, plus I’m also very direct and straight to the point throughout which means I avoid filler and fluff! We will start by focusing on the macrocosm – the bigger picture of life itself via oneness and separation, the physical and non-physical, the principles of yin and yang, and the higher level of separation consciousness – before moving on to the microcosm of the 12 areas of life and the 6 axes contained therein. The final chapter contains a set of questions and answers designed to help you understand some of the more practical implications of this life perspective in more detail.

I use scientific explanations and the concept of yin and yang throughout. Otherwise, the
topics contained herein can seem vague, confusing or “woo-woo”, especially to those who
are “yang dominant”, who tend to prefer a more rational, left-brained, scientific approach.
The purpose of this book is to help us gain a higher level of understanding and awareness of
life itself which can, in turn, help raise our consciousness, and help to unlock our highest
self, highest potential and highest path in this lifetime. Also, it can provide us with a
grounded philosophical foundation from which we can build our whole life: from our
spiritual practices and relationships to our career and success. Having this overall life
perspective and philosophical foundation in life can ultimately bring purpose, meaning,
faith, hope, peace, and joy. When we have these qualities, our lives begin to positively shift, both within and without.

 Theia is a therapist, mentor, and author who offers mentoring and therapy sessions to clients all over the world via her website: 

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