BookView Review: Love Me Breathless… Because Romance Never Dies by Mary-Lisa Russo

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Love Me Breathless… Because Romance Never Dies 

Mary-Lisa Russo

Coming soon

Sentimental, hopeful, and dreamy, Russo’s debut collection of love poems examines the emotional spectrum from being in love to the passion and contentment that it surrounds. Russo’s simple prose features simple yet striking images: “Night after night/ I look up at the stars/ and I pray you will never disappear/ from my now perfect life,/ because without you in it/ I will not breath/ I cannot breath…/ the bones within my body will disintegrate.” Her best lyrics are intimate, intense, and deeply personal. In “You Are Perfect,” she writes: “I love all the parts of you/ that the world/ has neglected to name,/ the parts even you have shunned and banished into dark spaces.” In “Conversation,” there are intimate descriptions, sketches of a person passionately in love, of sensual moments as she writes: “Let’s talk about the taste/ of your lips pressed against my own/ and the electricity that surrounds us/ the moment we touch.” “The Fantasy” shows Russo’s aptitude for capturing passion with vivid imagery. Tender and intimate, “Longing,” compares the protagonist’s love to spiritual rain, bringing depth and resonance to the familiar feeling. Writing with heart and soul, Russo paints vivid emotional images of the love her protagonists feel for their better halves, making this a stirring gift for a romantic occasion. Whether you’re in love or heartbroken, the poems in the collection will stir your very soul.


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