BookView Review: The Strange Brew: Sometimes ignoring the dead isn’t enough. (The Dora Hermansen Series Book 1) by M. N. Cox

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Long Hot Spell

Pub date October 4, 2022

ISBN 978-0645492224

Price $25.99 (USD) Hardcover, $15.99 Paperback

Author interview


Cox’s series kicker in The Dora Hermansen series finds her protagonist scrambling to solve a sinister mystery after an unexpected death in the town. Dora Hermansen is content running The Brew, one of the town’s three cafes, with her husband in the quaint town of Deepwell. Life is usual for Dora except she has this ability to sense ghosts, and her troubled relationship with her ex still haunts her. When Bruce Becker, CEO of the Deepwell Water Treatment Plant, dies suddenly, the peace of the town is shattered. Dora must rely on her psychic powers if she wants to solve the mystery. Cox sets her story in Deepwell, a small Australian town, where, hidden behind a picturesque facade, secrets are buried deep. Her prose is crisp, and the novel is stocked with vivid, sharply drawn characters. Dora, in particular, is a compelling heroine: a vulnerable yet resilient person who is determined to make the most of her difficult situation. Readers will be delighted to follow her down many rabbit holes. Sensible, complex, and sympathetic, Sayed is equally compelling. Throughout, Cox supplies a leisurely paced narrative, unexpected revelations, and plenty of paranormal intrigue to keep readers invested. This is a solid start to a promising series.


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