Dark World: Oblivion by A. R Kingston

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date September 22, 2020

ISBN 9781734240030

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition

Author interview

Kingston takes readers on a thrilling adventure in the solid second fantasy of her Dark World Saga series. Alex and Jay are now married and back in Jay’s hometown of Fall Harbor. The locals are not very welcoming, but the couple decides to take things in stride. But as Alex’s powers far beyond those of a pure-blood maze in their world begin to awaken, she becomes the target of dangerous enemies. Meanwhile, an extremist group determined to eliminate every half-blood is waiting to strike in the town. Kingston ably touches on sexual abuse, misogyny, race, violence, and class inequality while also telling a poignant story with a winning cast of characters. With crisp, authoritative prose, she delivers plenty of surprises along the way: the townspeople have their own secrets, especially the Mayor, and the house where Alex and Jay live have a hidden history, which takes the reader into a separate story line set in the past. Kingston’s intimate focus on the couple’s passionate romance imparts the narrative with a deliciously sensual undertone.

The fantastical atmosphere, intriguing politics, and well-drawn characters combine to form a mesmerizing whole. Evocatively written and wonderfully wrought, this artful blend of fantasy and romance is sure to please romance fantasy fans.


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