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Pub date August 20, 2020

ISBN 9781735402116

Price $14.00 (USD) Paperback, $3.05 Kindle edition, Free on Kindle Unlimited

Book excerpt

Set on the haunted Dagger Island, Gordon’s haunting novel is marked by a sense of melancholy as well as longing. After losing his wife and young son to a senseless accident, Adam, a high school teacher, finds comfort in alcohol. Trying to connect to his 4-year-old son’s spirit, Adam arrives at Dagger Island, a haunted island off the Coast of Maine and becomes involved with Fiona, a beautiful and manipulative ghost, who has spent 60 years tormenting Anthony, the now elderly man who was her lover, and ultimately her murderer. Adam’s reckless deliberations and Anthony’s ethical considerations are a refreshing contrast to the fastidious morality of the usual literary protagonists. Fiona with her struggles and cunning vulnerability is a character worth rooting for. Gordon skillfully toggles between Adam and Anthony’s individual struggles and Fiona’s tortured past, and she spikes the narrative with genuine moments of supernatural horror that keep readers immersed until the last surprise is sprung. The resolution is shocking and dramatic.

The rich descriptions of Dagger Island, a place shrouded in mystery, and Gordon’s lyrical prose make this a page-turner. Fans of quality supernatural fiction will love this haunting tale of love, longing, betrayal, revenge, and darkness.


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