Journey to Jumbalot by Ryan Wakefield

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Pub date February 1, 2021


Price $7.69 9USD) Kindle edition

Author interview

In this electrifying installment, debut novelist Wakefield takes readers into a fantasy world filled with intelligent hybrid animals and magical wonders while exploring the themes of friendship, family, loyalty, courage, compassion, and responsibility.

Alby, a loyal house cat, forsakes the security of his home to rescue the ingenious Professor Wizoom after a lab experiment goes wrong and the old professor is transported to Jumbalot, a strange new world populated with fearsome monsters and endearing heroes. When Alby lands in Jumbalot, he meets Fremmy, a witty and annoying little froguar, and the pair begin their search for the Professor. With the war between the wolvaraptor warriors and the army of Rozer at its peak, the responsibility of saving Jowla and all of Jumbalot falls on Alby and Fremmy’s shoulders. Through his intriguing premise, Wakefield introduces readers to a host of exciting fantastical animals including jumbos, brontaurs, tigeroons, mantaravens, pandowls, warthawks among others. The narrative is tense with anticipation and proceeds at a swift pace throughout. Wakefield effortlessly draws together multiple threads from the mini storylines, folding a gratifying sense of wonder into the ancient fantasy world of Jumbalot and balances it with an intriguing element of darkness. Humorous and tense at once, this is an exhilarating read. Middle-grade fantasy readers won’t want to miss this one.


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