Book review: Mad City by Victor Vahl

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date July 24, 2020

ISBN 9798649130967

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.97 Kindle edition

Author interview

Vahl’s gritty thriller finds a young man on a personal vendetta to take down a dangerous crime boss. It’s been 15 years since Isaac Sage witnessed his parents lose their lives to a tragic fire incident, but the traumatic memories still weigh heavy on his mind. Struggling with severe anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, Isaac is barely going through the motions of living. But a chance discovery pointing to his parents’ murder turns his world upside down, setting him on a vengeful journey as a vigilante wreaking havoc on the lives of those responsible for his parents’ murder. Vahl’s tale unfolds gradually, building tension about Isaac’s quest to get justice for his parents while unraveling the intricate layers of the grim and twisted plot. The fast-paced narrative is full of unexpected twists, making readers turn pages fast. Amid Isaac’s personal vendetta and the NMPD detectives working feverishly to uncover Diablo’s operations, there’s a hefty amount of fighting action, shoot-outs, heroic escapes, and slick disguises. The open-ending climax, though brings every plot twist to a satisfying resolution, leaves the possibility of another face-off between Isaac and Diablo, making readers excited for Vahl’s next. Gritty and yet poignant, this is a treat for action thriller lovers. 


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