Book review: Lights Around Her: The Girl Who Sees Angels by Aum Nicol

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Pub date February 4, 2021

ISBN 978199972207

Price $15.64 (USD) Paperback

Book excerpt

Set in near-future, Nicol tackles the question of the existence of a higher power in this SF drama. More than three decades after a pandemic swept across the planet, humanity is still struggling with the idea of a higher power. Born with special power, which enables her to see and communicate with angels, 16-year-old Jemmy Sterling is content in life, with angels at her side to guide her through any difficulty life throws her way. But when her special power makes her the target of ARIMS, a sinister organization with ulterior motives, Jemmy knows she must use her skill not only to save her own life but also help humanity transcend old norms. Jemmy’s bond with others, especially Vi and Matthew fulfills an emotional component. Mariel’s journey from a conniving young girl to a woman on the wrong side of law is portrayed with conviction. Despite some muddled worldbuilding around futuristic theme, Nicol succeeds in blending moments of individual happiness, grief and trauma, light romance, family drama, and significant spiritual concepts into a poignant coming-of- age story. A meditation on divine consciousness, this imaginative and original account of one young girl’s extraordinary spiritual journey is both relevant and honest.


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