BookView Review: The Unravelling (Jade And Sage Mystery) by Joanna VanderVlugt

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Pub date June 15, 2019

ISBN 978-1999068400

Price $30.77 (USD) Hardcover, $14.39 Paperback, $5.66 Kindle edition

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Sophistication and suspense mark this excellently crafted paranormal mystery by VanderVlugt. Jade Thyme has barely celebrated getting her ex-husband, Jules Cranbury, acquitted of the murder charge against him when the latter is found dead. As Jade begins to look into Jules’s murder, her search takes her to a secret justice society whose members have taken it upon themselves to deliver vigilante justice. With killer on her trail, Jade must tread carefully or risk becoming a murder victim herself. VanderVlugt has a knack for crafting realistic dialogue and bringing people and places to life. The story takes multiple unexpected turns as Jade pursues leads connected to the Society. The prose is crisp, the pacing measured, and the plot takes many terrifying twists and turns en route to the surprising finale. A crackerjack central puzzle and a dash of uncanny elevate this above most other paranormal mysteries. Along the way, VanderVlugt examines individual desires, integrity, resilience, trust, betrayal, friendship, and the connections between individuals with disparate destinies. The well-drawn, colorful cast of characters, endless turns, and assured writing make this a page-turner. Those with a taste for character-driven paranormal mysteries will be richly rewarded.


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