BookView Review: Braiding Roses: An outback doctor sweet romance by Elise Stoltenbreck

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date August 21, 2021


Price $3.23 (USD) Paperback

Stoltenbreck’s latest is a sweetly romantic tale of a woman going through personal and professional transition. The notion of moving from the bustling city of Perth to live in the small town of Manjimup and work in the outback hospital there for a full year is already wreaking havoc on new doctor Mandy’s mind, but when she gets in a senseless scuffle with her boss, the resident doctor Gareth, Mandy knows her stay there will be full of misery. But she is unaware of the twist of fate awaiting her ahead. The narrative rolls at a crisp pace with brilliant descriptions and a good dose of chaste romance without turning fluffy. Stoltenbreck’s writing is full of heart, and her characters credible: Mandy aptly fits the mold of a professional young woman trying to find a firm footing. The endearing chemistry between Mandy and Gareth imbues the narrative with a deliciously romantic undertone. The expert plotting and evocative worldbuilding keep the reader engaged throughout the story. It’s a compelling world filled with emergency room intrigue, and this, combined with the burgeoning romance between Mandy and Gareth and Mandy’s shifting perspective about life in a small town and her relationship with Kevin, will stoke readers’ fervor for more of Stoltenbreck’s work.  A sweet page-turning romance that makes for a perfect beach read.


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