BookView Review: Dead Cereus by Kira Seamon

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date January 18, 2022


Price $4.95 (USD) Kindle edition

Author inetrview

Quirky, intriguing characters take a wild ride through the academic streets of the prestigious Berkeley College in this irresistible mystery by the debut author Seamon. The Shellesby college’s Night Lights Gala is Holly Jackson’s chance to secure her scholarship. But when murder of a visiting guest occurs right before Holly’s eyes, her dream of getting her scholarship secured seems to be shattering in pieces. But Holly is one determined young woman. If she needs to catch the murderer in order to get her scholarship, she is ready to do that as well. William, utterly caring and genuinely likeable, and Holly, a total darling despite her panache for creating havoc around her, make for a winning pair of protagonists. Readers will find them thoroughly irresistible. Seamon layers her story with wit and verve, expertly mining Holly’s proneness to disasters, her endearing relationship with William, and the secrets that simmer under the surface. Human drama, individual struggles, love, secrets, and wit and romance abound, and the atmospheric setting and tight plotting keep the reader engrossed. Layered, nuanced plotting and engaging characters power a lighthearted, witty mystery. Seamon is an author to watch.


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