BookView Review: Waldwick: Let Go by Kenneth Linde

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Waldwick: Let Go

By Kenneth Linde

Coming soon

Author interview

The perks and perils of extreme wealth and fame, friendship, trust, and loyalty provide an excellent backdrop for this sixth volume in Linde’s Waldwick series. Being rich and powerful means nothing to Melia Terrill, a wealthy heiress, whose self-perceived inadequacies stand in the way of her happiness. When she meets Annie, she realizes that she has everything she needs to live happily. But a twist of fate turns Annie’s life upside down. Melia can save Annie. But is she ready to sacrifice her new-found happiness? While Melia’s journey to self-realization takes center stage, secondary plotlines add excitement as tragic incidents and soapy melodrama unravel. The characters move from incident to incident with emotions always at the forefront. Fierce yet vulnerable Melia, struggling to make impossible choices, makes for an endearing heroine. As the story moves forward, Linde further develops his heroine, pushing her to new maturity and realization while weaving in textured glimpses of the secondary characters. Throughout, readers get a vivid picture of Melia, Annie, and the people in their lives, all trying to cope with the circumstances of their environment while expressing the love, uncertainty, and hope that all humans share. The disparate plot threads intertwine to a satisfying climax. An engrossing literary tale filled with politics of status and the sad side of institutionalized medicine and TV talent shows.


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