BookView Review: Doom’s Daze (The Heart of Stone Adventures #3) by Eva Sandor

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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ISBN 9781735067988

Price August 23, 2022

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A rollicking fantasy adventure, the third installment of Sandor’s The Heart of Stone Adventures series is a laugh-out-loud-funny fusion of action and entertainment.  Abode is planning to take control of the Heart of Stone, a natural phenomenon that provides limitless mechanical power to The Whellen Country. With the Kingdom’s sovereignty in danger, The Bureau knows they have to rely on the former jester Malfred Murd if they want to thwart the enemy’s nefarious plan. But Abode has a weapon never before imagined. Agent Murd must tread carefully or risk losing his life for real this time. The story is jampacked with action, wit, and nefarious plot twists. Sandor has a knack for creating endearing characters, and readers will fall in love with Dok, Ata Maroo, and Corvinalias. Sandor deftly handles the latter’s struggles and evolving feelings. Murd himself is an endearing protagonist despite his limitations. The prose, full of witty, sharp dialogue, is a delight, as are the countless puns and jokes. The story is smooth and jammed with fast-moving plot twists, making it a real page-turner. The cliffhanger ending will leave readers eager for the next one in the series. This third installment in the series is everything a devoted sci-fi fan could want: exciting, action-packed, humorous, inventive, and fun. Sandor is an author to watch.


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