BookView Review: Taming Fear in the Age of Covid by Winfried Sedhoff

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Senraan Publishing

Pub date September 12, 2022

ISBN 978-0994609144

Price $12.98 (USD) Paperback, $2.25 Kindle edition


Mental health professional Dr. Winfried Sedhoff dazzles in this smart, sensible guide to vanquishing fear and anxiety. The key step for resolving our fears, he argues, is to recognize that all of us, including the ones who are traumatized by it the most, have the strength and the inner power to tame it. He delves into the science of the human brain and its ability to rewrite fears and how using that science, we can learn to discipline our fears. Divided into two parts; Fear Is a Charlton! and From Fear Monster to Friend, the book offers easy strategies to dispel our anxieties—what the brain needs for fear to go away, lessening the burden, using mindfulness to achieve calm state of mind, taking time off, connection redemption, steps to resolve fears related to illness and COVID-19. The book also explores how to resolve different types of fears at their source, from day-to-day fears such as fear of failure to the fears of severe trauma, illness, PTSD, and death, how to prevent fears before they take hold among others. In an empathetic tone, Sedhoff invites readers to use fear as a weapon to help them see beyond themselves. This absorbing, informative guidebook is outstanding blueprint for achieving lasting peace and happiness. A must-read.


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