BookView Review: The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs by Mike Nemeth

BookView Review rated it:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Two Lives of Eddie Kovacs 

Mike Nemeth

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Fast-paced narrative, endless twists, and high tension keep the pages turning in Nemeth’s latest mystery. Karl Novak is a grieving widower who is hired to do an undercover job for an ambitious Georgia sheriff. Karl retakes his original identity of Eddie Kovacs and moves to Palm Haven, a luxury condo community on Tybee Island, and begins to look into the overdose deaths at the community. But the DEA already has a man undercover and a vengeful CIA agent from his past is back and determined to exact his revenge. Eddie must solve the mystery fast or risk losing everything he has come to care for. Nemeth is an expert when it comes to portraying grief, individual angst and trauma, determination, resilience, regret, and redemption. The down-to-earth, sharp, and convincingly sorted Eddie makes for an endearing hero. Nemeth skillfully unravels his backstory, uncovering the demons of his past and connecting those to his present. The setting is authentic, the characters fully fleshed-out, and the suspense relentless. With plenty of intriguing players, including the community residents and assorted bad guys thrown into the mix, the storyline becomes knotty. This thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable mystery with relentless twists will keep readers guessing till the end.


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