Book Review: Requiem For The Rooster by Mark Howen

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date September 1, 2022

ISBN 979-8835435173

Price $16.49 (USD) Paperback, $19.49 Hardcover, $0.00 Kindle

Author interview

Howen’s latest is a taut and extremely thoughtful thriller that keeps the action humming right along. Mason Worthy is back home after the ordeals of his traumatic experience. When Paige and Kat, Mason’s grown-up daughters, run into a mysterious group championing environmental cause, the family becomes entangled in a deadly conspiracy. With powerful corporation leaders and crooked politicians on their trail, they must prepare themselves for another dangerous face-off. Howen’s writing is crisp as he effortlessly interweaves politics into the gripping narrative. Fast-paced twists and shocking reveals keep the tension high. The weighty treatment of some of the novel’s main themes hampers the pacing at times, but the complex and intriguing characters as well as their authentic interpersonal dynamic enliven the engaging story. Mason, in particular, is a relatable protagonist who does what he has to in order to survive. The characters of Kate and Paige and their new allies are vivid and sympathetic. The ending is neatly done, but leaves the possibility of a sequel, and many readers will look forward to that. Readers who are interested in well-crafted, fast-paced thrillers that dig a little deeper into environmental issues won’t want to miss this series entry.


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