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BookView Review: What It Means to Be Me by Danielle Falk

Falk’s debut picture book is an enjoyable and relatable tale about identity, self-worth, understanding, and acceptance. The book features different characters learning, dreaming, and growing up. Using rhythmic language (“Just like the wiggly worm, the curious cat, and the giant trees/ My life has a special purpose; I am on a unique journey.”), Falk adds […]

BookView Interview with Author Danielle Falk

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed Danielle Falk about her writing and her debut children’s picture book, What It Means to Be Me, an inspiring tale about individuality and self-worth. (Read the review here.) Facebook: Danielle Falk Author Instagram: @daniellefalkauthor Danielle Dawn Falk was born […]

BookView Interview with Author David M Cameron

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed David M Cameron, author of several novel, including the recently released Dead Men Don’t Snore, a gripping crime drama, featuring ex-military, ex-mercenary Gordon Bennet (Read the review here.) I live in Perth, Western Australia, but was originally from Leeds in […]

BookView Review: Dead Men Don’t Snore by David M Cameron

Cameron’s latest is an engaging crime drama, told at an appealing pace, featuring ex-military, ex-mercenary Gordon Bennet. Struggling to move ahead after his dishonorable discharge from the military and failed marriage, Gordon is on vacation in the quaint town of Calpe in Southern Spain. But trying to save a dying girl gets Gordon into a […]

BookView review: Peace in the Abyss by Tayo Emmanuel

Emmanuel’s latest is a resonant portrayal of a highly successful, independent woman who finds heartache and pain in her pursuit of love and meaningful relationship. Coming from a single-parent, low-class background hasn’t stopped Preye Banigo from achieving professional success. With her own successful PR agency, Preye is more than happy in her career. But her […]

BookView Interview with Author Jonathan Edward Durham

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed Jonathan Edward Durham, the author of Winterset Hollow, a pulse-pounding dark fantasy (Read the review here.) Jonathan received a degree in neuroscience, before he decided to wade into the literary world. Jonathan Edward Durham was born near Philadelphia in one […]

BookView Review: Winterset Hollow: A Novel by Jonathan Edward Durham

Durham makes good use of elements borrowed from both fantasy and horror in his pulse-pounding debut. When Eamon, Caroline, and Mark decided to take a trip to the island where Eamon and Caroline’s favorite book, Winterset Hollow, was written, they had no idea they were signing up for a dangerous trip down the memory lane. […]

BookView Review: Presence, the Play by William E. Jefferson

Jefferson returns with an evenly paced tale of heroism and adventure, taking readers on an exhilarating journey of one man’s quest to save the nation. Script, a monk and playwright, is looking forward to the performance of his long-awaited play at the local theatre when an unfortunate incident sends him to hospital in a comatose […]

Book Excerpt: (L)eavesdropping by Luke Ruggenberg

Buy now Read the review From the Blurb: “What’s your favorite plant?” “How do you get rid of a stump?” “Who are you and what are you doing in my flower bed, weirdo?” Stray too far into any garden and such are the questions you might overhear before the police show up to escort you […]

BookView review: (L)eavesdropping by Luke Ruggenberg

Ruggenberg’s latest is a profoundly imaginative and strikingly original collection of short stories. Ruggenberg manages in a few pages to convey his protagonists’ whole lives, never departing from everyday rhythms, and his hilarious, witty prose traces his characters’ joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes, fears, insecurities, griefs, loneliness, and regrets with clarity and understanding. There are a […]

BookView Review: The Man From Burnt Island by Wendy Sura Thomson

Thomson’s sweeping tale successfully transports readers to the Depression era to recount the story of one man’s journey to find his footing in a new land. Life was tough for the Scottish Sharp family at the turn of the century, forcing Robert Funkie Thomson Sharp to join coal mines with his father and brothers. But […]

Book Excerpt:The Man From Burnt Island by Wendy Sura Thomson

Read the review From the Blurb: This book, a saga of a Scottish man born in 1899 whose dogged determination overcomes much, is historical fiction. It is based upon snippets of a true story, filled in where necessary with much research and a little imagination.  It is not to be missed.                                                                    October 14, 1914 […]

BookView Review: The King of Minear’s Son by R.J. Passer

Passer makes her debut with this fast-paced fantasy adventure set in a fascinating medieval world and populated with lovable, memorable characters. For twenty-two years, Prince Taelor Pevrel has believed himself to be an only child. When his half-sister, Alene, arrives in the kingdom, with her story of true parentage, Taelor is more than happy to […]

BookView Interview with Author R.J. Passer

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed R.J. Passer, the author of The King of Minear’s Son, a medieval fantasy novel published with Touchpoint Press. (Read the review here.) She has served as Editor-in-Chief for Arizona State University’s online literary and art magazine, Canyon Voices. Rachel “R. […]

Book Excerpt:Burning Rage by Don Banting

Read the review From the Blurb: RCMP said they are looking for a caucasian male, between the ages of 25 and 40 for questioning. This individual was seen on footage at more than one of the crime scenes dressed in dark pants and a dark hoodie with a ball cap on. Anyone with information is […]

BookView Review: Burning Rage by Don Banting

Banting examines one woman’s descent into depression and insanity, tackling themes of bullying and mental illness in his latest. Abandoned by her father at a young age, Jess has always struggled with bullying and psychological abuse at the hands of her peers. An emotionally absent mother and a distant brother complicate the matter further. Now […]

BookView Interview with Author Jim Hamilton

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed Jim Hamilton, author of deliciously cozy science fiction and mystery books, including The Chaos Trilogy: Better Life Through ACME, Raising Miss Ellie  and several others. After half a century of designing, building, programming, and maintaining computers, Jim is retired and […]

BookView Interview with Author S. C. Eston

Welcome to BookView Interview, a conversation series where BookView talks to authors. Recently, we interviewed Steve C. Eston, IT manager and the author of Deficiency, an immersive dystopian tale set in far-future(Read the reveiw here.) Steve C. Eston always had a conflicting love for the fantastical and the scientific, which led him to write both […]

BookView Review: Deficiency by S.C. Eston

Set in the far-future, Eston’s immersive latest vividly combines evocative worldbuilding and rich characterization. Technologically advanced Prominence City offers both security and quality of life to its inhabitants. For Keidi and Artenz, life is good until one of their own goes missing. As the couple begins to look into the mysterious disappearance, they uncover a […]