The Vatican Must Go by D. Grant Fitter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date June 3, 2020


Price $3.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $13.79 Paperback

Author interview

An intricate, crackling tale of power and faith…

Set in 1920, Fitter’s staggering latest explores the post-revolution years of democratic government-led Mexico. Pancho Villa is gone, and in the face of extreme political unrest, the short-lived Mexican governments are legitimately worried about the Vatican running roughshod over the sovereignty. A group in America assigns the Soldier of Fortune Charlie Coates to recruit a Mercenary Group for organizing and inspiring anti-government guerrilla groups all over the central part of Mexico. Abe Barton, Matt Ketchum, and Rudy Salazar sees it as an opportunity to earn some extra cash. But the mission soon becomes personal as dangerous conspiracies and sinister government agendas comes to surface. Fitter’s attention to emotional and physical detail in the draining political, religious, and historical elements, his intelligent prose, and the deeply realized characterization make the story a thoroughly intriguing romp. In a smoothly paced narrative, he illuminates the sorrow and the guilt that drive a person to extreme measures. Fitter not only explores the unforgiving nature of the dark political world but also the unshakable faith that inspire people to stand together in the face of calamities.

Lovers of literary Hispanic fiction will be delighted.

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