The Perfection of Fish by J.S. Morrison

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Pub date July 9, 2020

ISBN  9781684335060

Price $21.95 (USD) paperback, $4.64 Kindle edition

Author interview

A spellbinding SF saga…

In the near-future landscape of debut author Morrison’s mesmerizing SF tale, a misogynistic billionaire sets out to create a genetically modified, docile global female population after testosterone has been legally suppressed. With genetics involved, the gender war is in full swing in the near-future America. On one hand, there are feminist influencers promoting the testosterone-suppressing drug to decrease male aggression, and on other hand, the misogynistic billionaire Berky Benson is ready to use his wealth and power to manipulate genes to create a meek, submissive global population of women. When the agoraphobic, docile Nadia Holkam becomes a pawn in Berky’s sinister game, it’s up to Diana Holkam, Nadia’s twin sister, to save Nadia from the clutches of Berky. Despite a simple storyline, the plot is intricately created. It takes a long time to set up the action, especially with inclusion of a large array of characters and multiple sub plots, but once the narrative hits the middle, it gains an unstoppable momentum. Rooted in both the elements of SF and magical realism, Morrison delivers a tale deeply affected by bigotry, racism, and corporate trickery, but the final tragedy is equally the result of human greed and lust for power and control.

Biting humor, clever dialogue, and fully-realized place and character make this fantastic SF tale a tour de force.

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