Carrie Sue’s Diary by Sandy Semerad

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date September 1, 2020

ISBN 9780578734491

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $2.98 Kindle edition

Author interview

A thrilling web of mystery…

Set in 1987, Semerad’s swiftly paced thriller is an impressive blend of mystery, intricacies of close relationships, and uncomfortable class distinctions. Atlanta Crime reporter Carrie Sue is set to start a new life with the handsome Marcus Handley, publisher of an influential publication and a former bomber piolet, after dissolution of her unhappy marriage. But news of Marcus’s long-time-dead wife turning up alive upturns Carrie’s dreams. Meanwhile, a group of assailants wearing Klan masks attack Freemont Jackson, Carrie’s childhood friend. As Carrie starts to look into the attack, she discovers the main attacker’s connection to the rape of a teenager. Stakes rise after the rape victim goes missing. Semerad skillfully evokes the racial and class distinctions prevalent in 1980s Atlanta, nimbly handling various points of views, allowing the reader to piece the story together. Semerad’s writing is assured, and she establishes suspense from the first sentence and keeps the emotional tension high, leaving readers turning pages nonstop. With its atmospheric setting and a rich assortment of characters whose lives unfold gradually over time, the book makes for a deeply engaging read. This is as much a fast-paced suspense thriller as it’s an exploration of love, friendship, and racial and class disparity.

Written in crisp prose, this gripping novel will impress fans of finely-constructed thrillers.

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