Beasts of the Night by Matejs Kalns

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Matejs Kalns facebook

Expected pub date December 1, 2020

ISBN 9781525580

Price $20.00 (USD)

Author interview

Debut author Kalns beautifully examines the labyrinthine underside of child trafficking in this timely and harrowing tale. When eight-year-old Mei escaped a child trafficker, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship between the young girl and the security consultant, Quinton Mills. But years later, Mei has gone missing again, and this time Quinton fears the worst. As Quinton starts to look into Mei’s whereabouts, he finds himself dragged into the seedy underbellies of a modern slave world which has its roots spread across the world. Kalns beautifully reveals Mei’s acute awareness of the harshness of the world around her despite her young age. Strong characters heighten the drama, especially the gentle and compassionate Noi and the resilient and tenacious Quinton. Readers will admire Mei’s intelligence and grit, rooting for her throughout the narrative. Kalns’s portrait of the endearing friendship between Mei and Quinn not only reveals the tenacity of love but it also lightens the otherwise grim tale of human depravity.

Kalns expertly examines the magnitude of the child trafficking business, the financial struggles faced by rehabilitation centers, and the complexities of international legalities. Readers will look forward to seeing more of Kalns.


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