Rats in a Maze by Peter Bailey

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date September 15, 2020

ISBN 978-1945181917

Price $14.99 (USD) paperback

Author interview

The intricacies of individual struggles, dirty politics, and government conspiracies play out against a sinister dystopian backdrop in this engrossing work by Bailey.

When NYPD Detective Ray Fisher is called in to investigate a deliberate vehicle drowning with two people inside, he had no idea it was more than what it looked on the surface. But strange things start to happen: an enigmatic woman begins to haunt his dreams, and there are memories that make no sense. In his search for truth, Ray is drawn into a deeper conspiracy from where getting out alive becomes a matter of life and death. Ray’s struggles with his past trauma as he tries to come to term with his wife’s death are tenderly and beautifully conveyed. Through Brad’s story, Bailey skillfully touches on the subjects of gender nonconformity and LGBTQ rights and bullying. The continuous action, which focuses on Ray’s investigation into the drowning incident and the government conspiracy offers plenty of tension, making readers sit on the edge of their seats as each new truth comes to light. Ray’s story combined with that of Jessica’s illuminates the power of resilience, the tensions between past and present, and burden of truth.

With his fully realized world, tight and suspenseful plotting, and imaginative scope, Bailey has delivered a thoroughly immersive read.


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