The Human Snare by Rick Wood

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Pub date November 9, 2020


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Author interview

The wildlife photographer Wood delivers a sensitive, hard-hitting portrait of wildlife destruction through trafficking and poaching in his remarkable latest. Trying to search for answers to his burning questions about wildlife trafficking and poaching, Wood decides to travel around the globe. He begins his journey from the unforgiving terrains of Tanzanian Savanna and travels to the misty hills of Sichuan Province in China, the vast wilderness of Yellowstone National park in USA, and further to the remote tropical rainforests of Costa Rica, but realizes that he already knows the answers; we, as humans must restore balance by consciously making choices that change the economics of supply and demand for poached goods. Wood’s stunning black and white photographs feel intimate and compliment his subdued but passionate narrative voice. Using language that is deceptively simple, wood paints a heart-rending portrait of a world where poachers are just ordinary, poverty-stricken people trying to stay alive. Wood blames the economics and demand for poached goods in affluent nations behind the illogical decimation of wildlife. Recognizing that the situation is grave and some species have already been driven to extinction in recent years, Wood stresses the need for serious human intervention.

This is a powerful and enthralling work.


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