Beyond the Goodnight Trail by Roy V Gaston

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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ISBN 978-0578770857

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.98 Kindle edition

Book excerpt

Murder, daring escapades, adventure, and Indian lore enliven a Texan and New Mexican landscape bursting with hostile Comancheros, renegade Apache, murderous bandits, and the enduring Black Seminoles.

When the former Texas Rangers scout Pete Horse accepts his friend Charlie Goodnight’s invitation to join him on a trail ride across Texas to New Mexico Bosque Redondo Navajo reservation, he has no idea his journey will put him in the path of hostile Indians and a separatist group fighting over a thousand stolen army rifles. The stakes rise when a religious fanatical leader with his sect of violent followers sets out to avenge his son’s death from Pete. Gaston tosses in many legendary men of the west like Bigfoot Wallace, Bass Reeves, Bose Ikard, Britt Johnson, Quanah Parker, James Henry Carleton, plus several horrific massacres including the wagon train massacre and mountain meadow massacre, Indian ambushes, and buffalo hunts and stampedes. Populated with characters whose relentless adventures keep the pages turning and full of events that conform credibility, the novel makes for a fine western read. Gaston is adept at maintaining a fraught atmosphere and effortlessly integrates his adventure plot with issues of race, nationalism, and imperialism of the time. With its excellent blend of action and adventure, sharply defined characters, and sharp dialogue, the novel makes for a page-turner.


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