Ka-Boom? by Alex Charns

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date October 8, 2020


Price $0.98 (USD) Kindle edition, $5.99 Paperback

Author interview

This comical caper by Charns introduces a trio of religious activists who risk years of imprisonment to work toward disarmament and world without nuclear weapons. When Patrick M. O’Malley, a deacon at a local church, broke into MegaMuerte Corporation Plant with Sister Joan and Father Jim at his side to destroy the components for the nation’s nuclear arsenal, he knew he would go to jail for the destruction of public property. But what he didn’t expect was to face a hostile judge and public prosecutor who would deny him any chance at a fair trial. Patrick and his friends’ trial proceedings bring a lot of fun to the pages, and Charns shows great imagination as he satirizes the American judiciary and the flawed legal system. The dialogue is witty and Charns’s highly economical prose that grips the reader on an emotional level is wholly affective. Patrick shines through and through. Charns is equally effective drawing the rest of the colorful characters, ranging from the tight-lipped Father Jim and the endearing Sister Jim to the hostile Judge Beerswiller. By the time culmination arrives readers will be rooting for Patrick and the other two and will know much more about the politics of weaponry and judiciary failings. This is a fun romp.


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