Dream Phaze – Germination by Matt Watters

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date March 23, 2019


Price $1.49 (USD) Kindle edition

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Dr. Saxon Zynn and his wife Margo are finally ready to witness the launch of their dream project – Dream Immersion, a super advanced virtual-reality-based technology that allows users to experience preserved histories, imagined futures, and video games. But with strong opposition to the virtually limitless technology from various sections of the society, the pair is forced to reconsider their life’s work. Watters allows the short vignettes containing various users experiencing the Dream Immersion to unroll at regular intervals, allowing readers to glimpse into futuristic possibilities. He gracefully interweaves intricate worldbuilding with a swiftly moving plot and intriguing storyline. Saxon, Margo, and the other characters remain engaging, with Hugo’s story driving the narrative. The narrative flows at swift pace, with exhilarating moments such as rapid shifts between the SF plot and secondary suspense storyline. Fans of virtual reality laced SF will appreciate the endless possibilities Watters shows through various engineered dreams experienced by the characters. The prose is crisp, the threat to Saxon’s Dream Immersion project is a constant looming shadow, and Saxon and Margo’s parental worries and dangerous consequences of Hugo’s youthful recklessness are thoroughly believable.

Watters’s strength is interlacing the family drama and political intrigue into a complexity that isn’t confusing despite the abundance of technical jargon. This is a must-read for fans of hard SF.


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