Summer’s Lie (Maggie Dunn Books) by Deborah Court

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Price $9.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.30 Kindle edition

Author interview

Court’s thoroughly gripping debut installment in the Maggie Dunn series follows the journey of one woman whose life turns upside down after an environmental tragedy causes age reversal in her. After a mysterious chemical fog strikes, the only survivor out of a group of people, Jane, wakes up with the memories of her past erased. But along with her physical recovery, she begins to show signs of age reversal and realizes she has become a scientific specimen for the medical team that is too significant to let go. Court’s feel for detail and narrative pacing is flawless, and her graceful touch and sharp insights give Jane’s character a rich complexity and depth. The scenes of Jane’s inner turmoil as she tries to take in the full magnitude of the genetic modification are particularly wrenching. Jane’s backstory is told in separate chapters, and showcasing her skill for adroit plot development, Court adeptly brings both narrative strands together. The underlying themes of individual corruption and greed for recognition and fame stay relevant and timely. Rich in details of literary references, poetry, history, and emotional quotient, this fast-paced mystery builds to a cliffhanger ending, leaving readers excited for the next installment. With its deeply realized, relatable protagonist and plenty of action, this is a winner.


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