COMPANY OF FOOLS: Selling For Love & Life, Is A Tricky Business by J. W. Nelson

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

by J. W. Nelson

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Pub date August 24, 2020


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $10.99 Paperback

Author interview

Nelson weaves friendship, family dynamics, and work politics into a familiar romance in his hilarious latest. Trying to attain everyone else’s picture of ‘normal’, twenty-eight-year-old Justin Whalley, a sales executive in a multinational firm, has set his eyes on three things—a wife, children, and good job. When he meets the lovely Victoria Shepard in a sales conference, he knows she is “The One” for him. But as Justin begins to feel like his dreams are within reach, unexpected deceptions, dirty politics at work, and his own digressions play havoc on his expectations, taking him on a rollercoaster ride through a plethora of emotions, embarrassment, and heartache. The large array of quirky friends, especially Errol Hughes, Justin’s immediate manager and close friend, and family are rendered with considerate individuality. Victoria is endearing, and Justin with his sweet wit and genuine charm is such a complete darling that readers will find themselves rooting for him to get the woman. The pacing is smooth, the dialogue sharp, and Nelson’s knack for humor and sensitivity shine in the crisp prose. Propelled forward by Justin’s witty observations and several slipups as he attempts to reconcile various aspects of his identity, this novel is lots of fun. Romance lovers won’t want to miss this smartly sardonic and absorbing read.


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