Alice’s Ego: Based on a true story by Alice Dolphin Sanza

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date July 26, 2020


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Sanza tells the story of a middle-aged, divorced woman finding her voice through spirituality in this emotionally taut story that explores identity issues and self-discovery. Alice is completely broken when she discovers Steve, her husband of two decades, has set her up to lose everything in the divorce. On the brink of a breakdown, she sets out on an unexpected path of spiritual growth and self-discovery, and finds her footing, as well as her desire to create new life for herself. In Alice, Sanza has created a deeply realized, complex protagonist who is naïve and wise at once. She skillfully portrays Alice’s low self-esteem that has stemmed from an unwed pregnancy and birth of a child in her twenties, leading to her exploitation at the hands of her narcissistic husband. Alice’s inner turmoil and pain pervades the narrative, letting readers a glimpse into her psyche through her past regrets and present-day realizations. She elegantly channels Alice’s insecurities, worries, and self-doubts as well as reflects her growth, her realization of self, and her newfound understanding. Through ancient wisdom and philosophy, Alice acquires a voice and finally realizes that she is worthy and desirable. This inspiring novel will speak to countless women who have gone through similar situation.


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