The Dagger (The Madigan Chronicles Book 1) by Marieke Lexmond

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date November 24, 2020


Price $5.14 (USD) Kindle edition

Author interview

Full of magical mystery, intrigue, and suspense, Lexmond’s new urban fantasy series chronicles the story of a powerful family of witches struggling to keep a centuries-old promise. The Madigan family has its share of ups and downs, but never like the one when one of the four mystical artifacts containing the power of elements goes missing and the young witch entrusted with its safekeeping gets killed brutally. The estranged members of the family must come together to find a way to get the artifact back or risk losing the world to chaos. Lexmond takes the best of the intriguing world of urban fantasy and infuses it with present-day sensibility and family dynamics, placing the emphasis on family bonds, parent-child relationship, sibling ties, friendship, loyalty, greed, and power. Quick wit and realistic conflicts bring The Madigan family’s story to life with Lexmond tackling solid emotions without ever losing sight of lighthearted fun. She retches up the tension with a horde of twists, and there’s plenty of suspense that stays in the back. Strong female characters and excellently crafted worldbuilding hold a broad appeal. Readers will fall head over heels for both the deeply realized characters and intriguing storyline. This is a solid fun.


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