The Necromancer’s Dragon (A Northern Necromancers Romance #1) by Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date December 23, 2020


Price $2.99 (USD) Kindle edition, free on Kindle Unlimited

Elegantly written and lavishly created, Nixon’s promising start to her new paranormal romance series takes reader an exhilarating journey into a stunning world of intrigue, mystery, and romance. Aurora Nordstrøm, the privileged necromancer beauty, has everything under control until the handsome, arrogant dragon shifter, Carl Drahmann, walks into her life: she has no intention to settle down or have a steady relationship, but after a drunken night, Aurora wakes up hungover, mated to Carl, and the dragon inside Carl is determined to keep his mate. Nixon’s richly imagined Nordic world of the Lofoten Islands in Norway is lavish, and her storytelling evocative as she weaves a tale that is both fairytale-lavish and earthly grounded, infusing it with the themes of love, longing, heartache, family ties, trauma, and individual struggles. Nixon puts her own inimitable spin on paranormal romance, adding fantasy elements to the mix, and her characters are deeply realized. The earlier fans will be glad to see their old favorite characters from her Northern Necromancers return, especially Aurora and Dann who reveal more layers to their personalities and still very much themselves. Carl is an absolute darling, and the bittersweet, heartbreaking story of Dyrfinna, the Nordic mermaid, is heart wrenching. This gripping tale is fresh, inventive, and wholly enticing. Fans of dark fantasy romance won’t want to miss this one.


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