Resurrection: A Supernatural Downfall by Rob Lockett

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date march 29, 2020


Price $5.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $18.50 Paperback

A global backpacker at heart, the bright and discontented Adam is working as a bartender in Southern England when an unforeseen misfortune sends him at a crossroad between life and death. After a supernatural force offers him a tempting deal, there’s no reason for Adam to say no to the entity. But soon the darkness takes over his body. As Adam struggles to regain his identity, the supernatural chimes in to direct the course of his actions, initiating a series of frightening events in both the UK and the USA. Though, the supernatural in the story is a fully realized character by itself, it stays in Adam’s mind for a good chunk of the narrative, especially in the beginning, and Lockett uses Adam’s fluctuating emotions to invoke it. The pacing and flow of the narrative is hampered by slack plotting, but Lockett’s depiction of Adam as a man initially marred by unfairness and inequality, and later driven by revenge is as convincing as it is scary. There are plenty of grotesqueries, and the scenes of bloodshed and violence makes it suitable for the mature readers. The suspense is tangible, and the heartening ending will leave readers satisfied. Lovers of dark paranormal won’t want to miss this chilling read.


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