Book review: Awakening Magic (The Witches of New Mourne #1) by Neely Powell

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Pub date December 14, 2016

ISBN 978-1509211593

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.02 Kindle edition

Author interview

Powell laces her kick starter in the Witches of New Mourne series with high fantasy, dark magic, and delicious romantic exploits. For generations, the Connelly witches have made countless sacrifices to keep the small town of New Mourne a secure adobe. In exchange, the town remains a safe place for humans and supernatural alike. But a curse follows the Connelly family, killing a Connelly witch in each generation. However, the fierce Brenna has no intention of dying young. When an evil takes over the town, Brenna must unite with Sheriff Jake Tyler and face the evil. The narrative starts strongly, with the fierce, memorable Brenna instantly thrust into a series of intense situations and forced to reconsider her priorities. Powell has a knack for setting and character, and the increasingly disturbing chaos are combined with characters’ engaging interpersonal interactions. The main arc of the storythe evil slowly taking over the townplays out among more personal stories of abandonment, grief, love, family, long-buried secrets, old promises, and vengeance. With nonstop action and a plot that is varied and enticing, the novel makes for a page-turner. Readers looking for strong female characters who seize control of their own destiny will devour this one in a jiffy. This is a winner.


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