Book review: Perspective to Pen: An Anthology by Robert A. Cozzi

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Pub date November 30, 2020

ISBN 979-8671667370

Price $16.00 (USD) paperback, $7.82 Kindle edition

Created by Robert A. Cozzi and edited by Ben C. Ward, Perspective to Pen: An Anthology brings together work of 12 poets from varying backgrounds, themed around philosophical musings, political environment, everyday human experiences, self-reflection, growing pains, love, breakup, and loss. Emily Salt’s poems are full of rich turns of phrases and an innate musicality. Lisa Bain courageously embraces the pain and heartbreak of loss in her poems. Max Asbeek Brusse expertly blends experiences, ideas, and objects with tangible life. Nathaniel Chin reveals the intricacies of self-reflection, while touching on subjects of racism, current pandemic moments, and existential thoughts. Robert Cozzi has a knack for creating sharp emotional textures, and Brian Fuchs excels at showcasing the calamitous moments. Shanika Benoit explores love, pain, self-reflection, and mortality with terse poise and narrative cohesion. Ben C. Ward’s poetry is tinged with despair and sadness; however, the mood turns defiant frequently. Carl Straut-Collard impresses with his hard-hitting, confident poems delivered without a hint of sentimentality. The entries by Davian Williams, Max Asbeek Brusse, Cody James, Anthony James Rivera provide a rich assembly of voices. The poetic styles and esthetics are both endlessly varying and constantly fresh. Rich with keenly observed detail, skilled prose, and poignant emotions, this is a substantial and beautiful collection.


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