The Immortal Serpent (Bloodstone Dagger #1) by K.E. Barron

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date August 14, 2019

ISBN 9781989071205

Price $21.94 (USD) Paperback, $32.54 Hardcover, $8.01 Kindle edition

Author interview

Barron assembles an unlikely band of heroes, taking them on a nail-biting journey into a chaotic world in this impressive fantasy, the first in the Bloodstone Dagger series. Cursed at birth, Jeth has lived a lonely existence for a long time until he joins the army under the command of master Loche. But when an unfortunate incident forces him to pick between loyalty and humanity, he goes for the latter, becoming a traitor and killer in the process. Across the ocean, Vidya goes through a harrowing transformation and becomes a winged weapon in order to avenge her mother and protect her island nation. When their paths collide, they find they have a common link between them; Nas’Gavarr, the infamous Overlord of Herran. The action is almost nonstop, and the mismatched groups of thieves, both humans and non-humans provide plenty of fun, with high tension, exciting romantic entanglements between various characters, and the fear of double crossings keeping the pages flying. There is plenty of magic, ferocious monsters, including giant scorpions and vultures, fae’ren, mazes, ashray, and urlings, however, the novel is suffused equally in the intrigues of characters’ individual struggles and power politics. Along the way, Barrow skillfully weaves in commentary on racial and class disparity, ethics, revenge, redemption, guilt, and mortality. With its epic’s worth of action and feeling, the novel makes for a page-turner.


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