BookView Review: Rampant Necromancer (Northern Necromancers: The Island #2) by Amy B. Nixon

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date February 25, 2021


Price $3.17 (USD) Kindle edition

Nixon’s lush and lively second installment in the Northern Necromancers: The Island series is complete with multidimensional characters, witty dialogue, stunning prose, and richly drawn fantasy world. Learyn Dustrikke is still struggling to come to terms with her new life on Nordstrøm Island while navigating the chaos of her personal life. When an uncanny soulless livløs visits Learyn, revealing shocking secrets about her life in a different dimension, Learyn finds herself in the middle of another lethal mess. Nixon provides a thrillingly entertaining blend of action, humor, and intrigue, but it’s the tenacious and yet endearing Learyn, who steals the show. The narrative is enlivened by Learyn’s witty, sardonic voice, whose struggles with her self-doubts, identity, past and present relationships, and her uncontrollable death magic make her both realistic and relatable. The quiet, meek Vee doesn’t have much space in the story, but she shines all the way through. Nixon teases the intellect with characters’ troubled introspections while keeping the pages turning with a well-tuned pace. The complex, relevant themes of PTSD-related trauma and identity issues add to the depth and substance. Fans of Nixon’s other paranormal series (Northern Necromancers: The Dragons) will be delighted to see some characters make their entry in this one. This is very much a middle book in the series, centering on Learyn’s transformative journey and setting up a stage for bigger things to come. Fans of finely-constructed, lush urban fantasy should snap up this fun, thrilling read.


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