BookView Review: Bloodlines (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One) by Marcus Abston

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date March 8, 2021


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Author interview

Abston transports readers to 1820s South in Mississippi in this engrossing historical. Born as a slave on a cotton plantation in Mississippi, the lovely Annabelle is raised as a house servant in the Browns household, thanks to the family’s daughters’ fondness for her. Annabelle’s life is not the best but she enjoys a bit of privilege compared to other slaves. When Judy Mays, the youngest of the daughters, gets married and leave the plantation, Annabelle finds herself becoming a relentless victim of Mr. Brown’s autocracies. Unable to take any more, she runs away, unaware life has many surprises in store for her. Abston’s prose is simple and yet crisp as he explores people’s attitude toward gender, race, and class inequalities. The pacing is smooth, and credible period details such as everyday life on plantations and brutalities and prejudices faced by slaves among others add to the authenticity. Annabelle as a determined, headstrong woman makes for an endearing protagonist. Elizabeth, with her compassionate, sensible nature is equally convincing. But it is Ruthanne, with her fierceness and tough-as-nails personality, who steals the show. This emotionally rich novel, full of both sizzling descriptions of life on cotton plantations of Mississippi and horrors of slavery, is a treat for lovers of historical fiction.


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