Book review: Bending Reality by Cory DeAn Cowley

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date September 23, 2020

ISBN 9798684959301

Price $15.99 (USD) paperback

Author interview

Cowley uses vivid, intelligent prose to construct an elaborately dark world occupied by both humans and otherworldly, weaving a portrait of the surreal and grotesque in her engrossing latest paranormal thriller. Struggling with PTSD and issues of a past traumatic relationship, thirty-year-old Cory longs to escape the mundane existence of her life. When a horrible incident throws her in the path of darkness, presenting her with the choice to follow darkness or lose her life, Cory finds her resolve weakening and enters the world of darkness. But the escape she was looking for is nothing like she imagined it to be. Cowley handles complex topics of identity issues, trauma, PTSD, escapism, love, friendship, and family bonds with sensitivity, and her portrayal of her characters’ interpersonal relationships, particularly Cory’s bond with Deph and her mother is rooted in reality. The narrative is fluid, prose assured, and the pacing smooth. While the heartening, hopeful ending may disappoint the lovers of deeply unsettling horror, there’s no denying the fascinating darkness that lingers at the heart of this imaginatively told thriller. Readers will be captivated by this fast-paced supernatural thriller, which doubles as a meditation on the all-consuming power of darkness and evil along with a poignant portrait of human resilience.


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