Keepers of the Garden by A.S. Rodlie

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Pub date November 23, 2020

ISBN 978-1730700200

Price $4.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.99 Paperback

Rodlie makes the history of the Pacific Northwest come alive with elegiac details, in her meticulously crafted debut historical, featuring two young protagonists who navigate the treacherous journey of an arduous sea voyage with courage and determination. Trying to escape the authorities, Ross Cox, a young Irishman, leaves his home and family behind in Ireland, and boards Qiuckpono, a fur trade ship as a clerk. Plagued by overbearing and incompetent leaders, an unforgiving wilderness, and his nemesis, John Clarke, Ross finds his saving grace is Josechal, a young Indian who is searching for his lost tribe. Rodlie effortlessly delves into morality, independence, resilience, hope, and the machinations of the early 19th century fur trade. Convincing period detail complements the fascinating story line. The plotting encompasses adventures aplenty, giving both depth and color to the story. Rodlie’s evocative storytelling and the meticulously researched historical detail brings the Fur Trade era to life. The wounded characters navigate the ups and lows of their lives courageously in this compelling account of attempts to find independence and identity in a ruthless world. The inclusion of real historical figures, lengthy discourses, and commentary on the fur trade and settlers’ inhuman treatment of native population add to the authenticity of the plot further. This superior blend of religious fractions and murder should win Rodlie new fans.

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