BookView Review: Stones and Glass Houses by Gary Friedman

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Pub date November 12, 2020

ISBN 978-0999047798

Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback, $8.28 Kindle edition

Author interview

Friedman’s riveting latest is a moving, character-driven examination of the intricacies of love, loss, grief, and journey to coming to terms with the pain of betrayal and healing. For thirty years, Jesse has successfully maintained the facade of a loving husband and father. But when an unexpected incident brings his lies to surface, the foundation of his carefully constructed life begins to shatter, upturning several lives in its wake. Friedman’s characters brim with poignant emotions, and his skill at depicting the intricacies of relationships and marriage makes the novel both inviting and moving. The narrative shift between various characters is flawless, conveying the underlying edgier mood of the story. Friedman expertly balances Annie, Mary, Adam, and Dylan’s struggles with the ongoing tragedies of their lives with Will’s guilt and trauma, and his portrayal of his protagonists allows the reader to dig deep into the disintegrating family ties, shifting relations, and crumbling individual facades. Vibrantly crisp prose, expert pacing, measured, authoritative writing, and superbly executed plot keep the readers invested. A haunting meditation on love, marriage, infidelity, grief, and trauma, the novel makes for a page-turner. Lovers of literary fiction will want to take a look.


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