BookView Review: The Dragon’s Necromancer (Northern Necromancers: The Dragons #2) by Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date May 15, 2021


Price $3.30 (USD) Kindle edition

Fast-paced adventure and sensual romance sweep through Nixon’s magnificent second installment in Northern Necromancers: The Dragons series, which digs deep into themes of love, loss, death, power, regret, and personal responsibility. Aurora Nordstrøm was perfectly content in her life until the Norns meddled with her fate and put the endearing dragon shifter Carl Drahmann into her life. Trying to keep her heart intact, Aurora does everything in her power to keep her distance from the charming Carl. But the Norse Fate has other plans for her. Nixon’s assured writing combined with the winding plot raises the stakes of the series as it pushes Aurora and Carl to their limits, exploring their inner turmoil as well as anguish while keeping intact the delicious underlying chemistry, grisly supernatural science, and fantastical worldbuilding that genre fans expect. She effortlessly interweaves complex worldbuilding with a fast-moving plot and satisfying character development in Aurora and Carl while imbuing the story with emotional realism as her protagonists grapple with loss, grief, trauma, and regret. The fans of Nixon’s Northern Necromancers: The Island series will be delighted to see some characters, including Dan, Learyn, and Vee among others return. This dark, finely-tuned fantasy is a knockout. It should win Nixon many fans.


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