BookView Review: Blood in the Low Country by Paul Attaway

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Pub date August 31, 2020

ISBN 978-1735401621

Price $15.78 (USD) Paperback, $2899 Hardcover, $8.25 Kindle edition

Author interview

A decade-old grievance, regret, and hidden secrets provide the backdrop for an account of vengeance and redemption in the beautiful Charleston, SC, in Attaway’s multilayered mystery set in the 1970s. Life is good for Monty Atkins: he is married to Rose, the girl of his dreams he met in college, and they are raising two boys Eli and Walker. With a profitable, well-respected law practice in the town, things are looking up great. But when a brutal murder implicates one of his own, Monty must do everything in his power to save his family or risk losing everything dear to him. Attaway’s tension-filled narrative is rife on unexpected turns, effortlessly drawing the reader into the story while the intelligent, crisp prose keeps the pages turning. Struggling to find answers to their deep-rooted questions about identity and liberation, the protagonists carry heavy emotional baggage, and Attaway is excellent when it comes to exploring their inner turmoil, fears, insecurities, grief, rage, and regrets. Along the way, he examines themes of faith, revenge, redemption, and freedom. With its expert plotting, atmospheric setting, and relentless suspense, the novel makes for a page-turner. Both lovers of fast-paced thrillers and Christian mystery fans will be delighted.


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