BookView Review: Ascension (Age of Shadow Saga) by Marc R. Micciola

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Pub date August 14, 2020

ISBN 978-1777270704

Price $11.58 (USD) Paperback, 25.49 Hardcover, 0.80 Kindle edition

Micciola kick starts his Age of Shadow Saga series with a hefty dose of intrigue, action, murder, magic, and mayhem. For over two centuries, Midstad has remained a peaceful land, with humans, elves, and dwarves content in their own lives. But the Black Light, a deadly cult of dark forces, is gaining traction fast, threatening to destroy the peace of Midstad. With its sinister agenda of freeing the long-imprisoned Kemrye, the forbidding enemy of all races, the cult must be stopped before it becomes too late.  Between the expansive word building and a vast cast of characters, including humans, elves, dwarves, and various dark forces among others, Micciola expertly brings his characters to life, giving them a refreshingly humane touch and making the readers invested in their flawed personalities. The narrative is addictive, and the pacing expert. The multi-layered plot is woven tightly, the prose is intriguing without being elaborate, and the high action and relentless suspense keep the pages flying. There is no dull moment, and the liveliness of the narrative makes it an electrifying read. This engrossing tale heavy on shifting loyalties, political intrigues, and ever-changing relations both fascinates and entertains. Micciola is an author to watch.


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