Book View Review: Twisted Silver Spoons by Karen M Wicks

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Pub date August 10, 2021

ISBN 978-1637528198

Price $18.99 (USD) Paperback, $7.49 Kindle edition

Author interview

Wicks’s artfully crafted coming-of-age story takes readers on one man’s harrowing journey through deception and intrigue in search of his own individuality. George Leibnitz has always struggled between his family’s expectations of taking the command of their vast business empire and pursuing his artistic talents. When lovely M enters George’s life, the things begin to change, but the path to freedom is not as easy as it seems. Told in a crisp, intelligent prose, the story narrates George’s wonderful coming of age journey as he struggles to find his own voice. Wicks is excellent when it comes to describing family bonds, the emotions associated with relationships, the way they evolve, and how deeply they tie a person to memory and circumstances. She approaches her cast with a sharp eye and deep understanding and creates in meticulous detail the Leibnitz family’s obsession with power and control. However, she is just as specific and authentic in her depiction of her protagonists’ individual struggles with issues of identity and liberation. Told in third-person narrative and flashbacks from the past, the novel is tender but never melodramatic. Brilliantly crafted and evocative, the novel will equally appeal to lovers of women’s fiction and literary fiction.


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