BookView Review: Burnt to a Crisp: A Detective Paddy Durr Novel: Book 3 by Michael O’Keefe

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Pub date June 18, 2021

ISBN 978-1087964089

Price $26.00 (USD) Hardcover, $15.00 Paperback, $7.98 Kindle edition

Murder, mystery, and Individual drama mark O’Keefe’s recent crime drama, the third in the Durr series. With cancer-stricken Mairead slipping away, life is already unbearable for NYPD detective Paddy Durr. But things become even more difficult with the department psychiatrist trying to settle old scores. In the middle of everything, a triple homicide, the result of an arson, catches Paddy’s attention. But with a drug lord controlling the witnesses, solving the killings is not so easy. Paddy must do everything in his power to bring the case to a satisfying close. O’Keefe is at the top of his game here; be it his brilliant characterization, tight plotting or affecting narrative. The gusty, resolute Paddy makes for an endearing protagonist, and his bond with the perceptive, sympathetic Mairead is rooted in reality. Illegal drugs, jealous colleagues, and old scores all mix into the intrigue. Expertly paced chapters with top-notch prose, and catchy, authentic dialogue keep the action moving. O’Keefe explores themes of trauma, rage, resilience and includes authentic law enforcement particulars with details of police bureaucracy and mafia politics to please crime lovers. With high tension and a breakneck pace, Paddy’s investigation into the crime becomes a definite page-turner. Readers looking for fast-paced, character-driven police drama will find much to love.


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