BookView review: A Piney Mountain Holiday by Mia Frazier

BookView Review rated it:

Bleu Press

Pub Date November, 2021

The holiday season provides an enchanting backdrop to this adorable rom-com in Frazier’s debut. It’s been years since Lauren set foot in her hometown of Piney Mountain after an aching breakup with her childhood sweetheart. With her ever-changing dating life and a thriving career, Lauren has little time to dwell on old hurts. But when a family emergency brings Lauren back to the town, she is little prepared for the twist of fate awaiting her ahead. Frazier is excellent when it comes to setting a cheerful, wintry scene and populating it with heartfelt characters. Focusing heavily on the growth of her large cast of entertaining characters, Frazier makes their connection feel genuine and the romance well-deserved for each pair. Along the way, she throws in a malevolent villain, animal cruelties, legal intricacies, and witchcraft into the mix, skillfully ratcheting up the tension as her protagonists move out of complacency and rejuvenate an empty heart while developing enduring friendships and love. Despite countless distractions, the romance stays as the focal point of the story. With tender moments offset by spot-on humor, this holiday romance has vast appeal, and it will find a special place in the hearts of pet lovers. This is holiday romance at its best.


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