BookView Review: Terminal Boredom: Lush, vivid, and profoundly moving… An incredibly readable two story bonus book by Wes Snowden

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Pub Date August 1, 2021

ISBN 979-8547848056

Price $14.95 (USD) Paperback, $2.40 Kindle edition

Snowden’s heartfelt and surprising latest explores the complexity of individual struggles. Life has been kind to Norm Walker. After selling his highly successful advertising agency, Norm has more than enough in the bank to retire early and sit at home. But life soon becomes a struggle, with nothing worthwhile to do. Restlessness followed by despair kicks in, threatening to throw Norm in a dark recess of depression. On his best friend and doctor’s advice, Norm reluctantly joins THE BEYOND/BOREDOM INSTITUTE, a charitable organization working to help people on the brink of mental despair, owing to boredom, unaware his life was going to take an unexpected turn. Snowden does an excellent job dramatizing the shifting relationship between his various characters and memorably portrays the struggles and dislocations of their everyday lives, particularly Norm’s as he confronts despair, tediousness, hope, and possibilities in his leisurely life. The swanky and endearing Doris, who’s struggling with loneliness after her husband’s death is a complete darling. There’s no shortage of stories that travel similar terrain, but Snowden’s grasp on his subject combined with his expert execution of the plot make it stand on its own. This feel-good, stirring tale about resilience, courage, taking chances, relationships, and enduring bonds makes for a page-turner.


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