BookView Review: Pretty/Ugly by Jennifer Anne Gordon

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Livre Maison

Pub date July 8, 2021

ISBN ‎ 978-1735402185

Price $17.47 (USD) Paperback

Book excerpt

Gordon ingeniously combines horror and science fiction in her outstanding latest, taking readers on a roller-coaster ride into a dystopian world grappling with a deadly pandemic. Struggling with the demons of her traumatic past, the lonely and sad Omelia tries to fill her days with Instagram clicks, likes, and subscribers. The lost and angry Sam, the son of a privileged family, is tired of becoming the person his father wants him to be. When a deadly pandemic hits the world, threatening to destroy it, the two lonely souls meet and find the beauty of living again even if it’s transitory. Gordon sets her edgy tale in a fully realized world populated by well-drawn, memorable characters. The narrative blurs the lines between horror, dystopian, and acute reality, taking readers into Sam and Omelia’s inner conflicts as they wrestle with their individual grief and trauma. The subtle yet effective oddities that grow increasingly more frightening as the story progresses forward keep the pages flying. Along the way, Gordon’s breathless, brilliantly written horror sequences and wistful introspective moments keep readers enthralled. Fascinating worldbuilding and humane characters propel the intricate plot to a satisfying finale. Horror lovers won’t be able to put down this gripping tale of loneliness, trauma, grief, and love.


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