BookView Review: The Reversible Mask: An Elizabethan Spy Novel by Loretta Goldberg

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Pub date May 24, 2019

ISBN  978-8494853951

Price $21.99 (USD) Paperback, $3.13 Kindle edition

Author interview

Patriotism and religion, logic and impulsiveness—the conflicting passions of a young man swirl throughout the pages of Goldberg’s sweeping historical saga. It is 1566. Under Elizabeth I’s Protestant government, the nation is prospering. But twenty-two-year-old Sir Edward Latham, a young Catholic courtier, leaves all behind to serve Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scots, only to end up as a spy for Spain. But that’s just the beginning of a dangerous life, the young man is throwing himself in. Goldberg has great instincts when it comes to pacing, and the narrative comprises a good mix of poignant emotions and high-tension action sequences. When Latham hooks up with Frances de Alava, the story seems to be unfolding on a predictable path, but it’s only the beginning of exhilarating twists and life-and-death situations. Goldberg writes spectacular war scenes, and she’s equally convincing when it comes to depicting her protagonist’s conflicting emotions. Latham is a complicated, fully fleshed-out antihero. His story unfolds deliberately, taking readers on an exhilarating journey into a fascinatingly intriguing world of characters and situations. The vivid depictions of life in the 16th-century combined with Goldberg’s immersive storytelling are what make the book thoroughly entertaining. This is top-notch historical fiction, meticulously researched and vividly crafted that reveals the intricacies of religion, politics, and individual passion. Goldberg is an author to watch.


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